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Offering professional voice and piano lessons

All Saints’ Church | Princeton, NJ

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Phone: 716-901-3302

Email: wojtowiczstudio@gmail.com

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Located at All Saints’ Church in Princeton, NJ, the Wojtowicz Voice Studio is currently taking new private voice and piano students. Lessons are offered once a week, for either a half hour or full hour. Limited lesson times are available. Prospective students must be at least 12 years old for voice. Any skill level and musical taste is welcome - from classical to broadway to popular.


Even though the basis of her training is classical, Ms. Wojtowicz encourages each of her students to explore different musical styles in order to find what they are truly passionate about, all while developing a free and healthy technique. In each lesson, students are introduced to music as a fun and enlightening musical experience, building disciplinary skills, creativity, and consistency. Challenges can be conquered through perseverance and the understanding that it is okay to make a mistake – each discovery contributes positively to the learning experience and can lead to an artistic discovery. Regardless of ability, through careful practice anyone can improve their musical skills.


Voice Lesson FAQ’S

What is the best age to start voice lessons? 

Voice study can begin around 12 years old, depending on the student. At this age, most children are mature enough to respond to instruction and make vocal progress. In addition, at this age voices are physically developed enough to handle the demands of building a vocal technique. For younger students, piano lessons would be an excellent way to begin their musical experience. 

For adults, it is never too late to start voice lessons. Although most professional singers start private study as teenagers or in their early twenties, each of my lessons are tailored to meet the individual needs and goals of each student. 


Can anyone learn to sing? 
Almost anyone who can speak can learn to sing, as most people don’t use their voices to their full potential. Voice lessons teach singers how to control their breath and find vocal resonance to create a fuller, healthier, and more beautiful sound. Lessons also teach general musical skills and build more confident singers.

How often should I practice? 

Daily practice is ideal. For younger students, practicing for about 20 minutes 5 times a week is sufficient. More advanced students and adults should practice for about 1 hour. Practice is extremely important, as it helps your body to remember the vocal technique. By practicing often, singing or playing the piano will become easier. When practicing, it is important to remember that the quality of the practice session is much more important than quantity. If you only have 15 minutes to practice, but can focus on one challenge efficiently, then you can consider that 15 minutes to be a successful practice session.